4 Common Reasons You May Have Difficulty in Starting Your Car

When you insert and turn a key in the ignition, your car cranks and starts in about two to three seconds, after which you can be on your way to anywhere you want to go. Given the process for starting a car, you could be forgiven for thinking cars are primarily made up of mechanical components.  Far from it, your car comprises several electrical parts that play a pivotal role in ensuring you have reliable and convenient personal transportation.

How To Choose A Dyno Tuner

If you wish to dyno tune your car, one of your biggest concerns would be the mechanic that will tune the car. Most enthusiasts are often worried that the tuner might damage the vehicle's engine. Below is an article describing the factors you should consider when hiring a dyno tuning professional.  Consider Specialised And Experienced Tuners Conduct some due diligence to establish the specialisation of the tuner. For instance, some tuners will specialise in specific vehicle models while others could deal with certain types of vehicles.

Is Your Automatic Transmission Failing? Signs That You Need Expert Transmission Servicing

Manual car transmissions are slowly fading away, and more drivers are choosing automatic transmission. With automatic shifting, drivers can focus more on the road since they don't have to keep shifting gears through traffic. But after using your transmission repeatedly, it will start to wear down. Proper maintenance and timely repairs prevent disruptive transmission breakdowns. Furthermore, learning when it's time to service your transmission enables you to take the necessary preventative measures.

Does Your Car's Air Conditioning Need Serviced?

Your car's air conditioning system contributes to making car journeys comfortable and can enhance your driving experience. The air conditioning system helps regulate the temperature and moisture levels inside your car and you can use it to demist your windows, but it does need to be serviced regularly to ensure it performs optimally. During a service, your mechanic will check the system for wear and leaks, top up the refrigerant and replenish the system lubricant.