How To Choose A Dyno Tuner

If you wish to dyno tune your car, one of your biggest concerns would be the mechanic that will tune the car. Most enthusiasts are often worried that the tuner might damage the vehicle's engine. Below is an article describing the factors you should consider when hiring a dyno tuning professional. 

Consider Specialised And Experienced Tuners

Conduct some due diligence to establish the specialisation of the tuner. For instance, some tuners will specialise in specific vehicle models while others could deal with certain types of vehicles. For example, you could find a tuner that deals with 4WDs while another deals with racing vehicles. 

Contact some of the tuner's clients and inquire how they rate the tuner's services. More often than not, good reviews are an indication that you will receive high-quality services. 

Assess The Tuner's Preparation Procedure

Preparation is the most critical aspect of any tune. Therefore, assessing the tuner's preparation procedure is a sure way to determine their professionalism. It should include the following: 

  • The tuner should understand your goals to determine how far they should tune the vehicle.
  • The tuner should assess the vehicle's engine, transmission and cooling system for defects that could affect the outcome of the tune.
  • They should test the vehicle on the dyno to determine the current state of the engine. For instance, it could require an overhaul if it has lost too much hose power.
  • The professional should advise the repairs required before the tune. For instance, you could need to change the engine block to ensure it can handle more power. Additionally, the vehicle could need a better cooling or exhaust system. 

Inquire About Guarantees

What would happen if the tune does not go as you had initially anticipated? Most mechanics will give a guarantee on their tune. Typically, they will offer free repairs if your vehicle develops problems due to the tune. Alternatively, they could detune the engine if it has too much power or if the tune puts other car parts at risk. 

Inquire About Pricing 

Most people will choose tuners based on their pricing. However, this should not be the case. After assessing the services offered by several tuners, examine their pricing vis-à-vis their services. For example, a cheap tuner could exempt guarantees. On the other hand, an expensive tuner could have state-of-the-art equipment and guarantees. Some tuners will even offer door-to-door services. Ultimately, you should choose a tuner that offers high-quality services within your budget. 

When choosing a tuner, examine their specialisation, experience, preparation procedure and pricing.