Why Extra Attention Is Needed During an Automatic Transmission Service

Some people think that an automatic transmission system is so sophisticated and works well under pressure that you don't need to service it much, if at all. Yet this is a very shortsighted view, as even though these are certainly well-engineered systems, they still have to deal with wear and tear. In fact, it may not be sufficient to drain and refill, and you may need to take additional steps if you want to avoid long-term issues. What do you need to do as well in this situation?

Everyday Conditions

As metal parts spin close to each other at high speed, tiny shavings will break free and will be carried away by the transmission fluid. Most of this debris will be captured by a filter or simply float to the bottom of the transmission pan and will not cause further issues. However, some shavings will be flung against the casing due to the pressure generated within the torque converter and may accumulate there instead.

Growing Problem

When you turn the engine off at the end of a long drive, some shavings will stick to the transmission casing due to the latent heat. They will accumulate over time and could present a potential threat to the system if they were to build up to such an extent that they could break free.

Regular Service

An automatic transmission service would be relatively simple if the metal shavings would all end up in the pan. You'd simply need to warm up the fluid before dropping the transmission pan and catching all the old lubricant. You would then need to replace the filter, gasket and o-ring before bolting everything back together and adding the fluid.

Extra Attention

An experienced mechanic will know that more attention is required. They will attach a machine that will pump a special mixture of cleaning fluid through as the transmission runs. This fluid will clean the casing wall and gather any of that accumulated mess instead. Once the cycle is complete, the mechanic will change the relevant disposable parts before adding premium fluid.

Be on the Lookout

If you have noticed some issues with your transmission system in recent times, you may be overdue for a comprehensive service. If the transmission has begun to slip or may jump during shifts, these are your early warning signs of a problem. Get in touch with your mechanic for further advice. 

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