Is Your Automatic Transmission Failing? Signs That You Need Expert Transmission Servicing

Manual car transmissions are slowly fading away, and more drivers are choosing automatic transmission. With automatic shifting, drivers can focus more on the road since they don't have to keep shifting gears through traffic. But after using your transmission repeatedly, it will start to wear down.

Proper maintenance and timely repairs prevent disruptive transmission breakdowns. Furthermore, learning when it's time to service your transmission enables you to take the necessary preventative measures. The article highlights the top indications that your car's transmission is failing. 

The Gear Makes Grinding Movements

Automatic transmissions allow a smooth operation when shifting gears. So, any shaking movements when shifting gears indicate a fault in the transmission. However, many car owners usually ignore this symptom. Failing to address the issue early only makes it worse. Therefore, it is advisable to take your vehicle to an auto servicing expert when you start feeling a slipping sensation as you shift gears. 

There Is a Burning Smell From the Transmission

When a car produces a burning smell, you might be dealing with a transmission problem. It could be due to overheated transmission fluid. The transmission fluid lubricates and protects your motor's complex system. When the transmission fluid does not provide the necessary lubrication, the moving parts overheat and produce a burning odour. The friction causes the components to wear down faster than they should. 

If unchecked, these transmission components will break down completely and demand replacements. So, you should visit your auto repair mechanic as soon as you notice a strange smell when driving. They will assess the level of the transmission fluid and refill it if necessary. 

The Vehicle Produces Noises When in Neutral

You likely have a transmission problem when you begin hearing weird clunking or humming sounds from under the car. These noises can indicate either a small or severe issue. For instance, noises can signal low transmission fluid. Since the fluid is responsible for lubricating the mechanical components, its low levels lead to friction. 

The clunking sound from the transmission is a result of the components rubbing against each other. Ensure you have an auto repair expert examine your transmission system when you hear such noises. Failure to fix this problem can cause extensive damage to the transmission.

Most transmission problems start as minor issues. Ignoring these small signs allows them to develop, leading to bigger problems requiring costly repairs. So, ensure you take your car to a qualified mechanic when you notice any of the signs above.