Signs That You Have a Clutch Problem

It's not always easy to work out where a problem lies in your car. Some issues may be easy to diagnose; however, some are trickier. Your car can seem to play up in a specific area only for you to find out later that the problem lies elsewhere.

In some cases, your car parts give you an indication that something is wrong with them. For example, if you have a problem with your clutch, you can look out for a couple of clues. What are they?

Your Clutch Sounds Different

One of the first clues of a clutch problem is often a change in the noise the clutch makes when you use it. This can happen when the engine is off or when it is running.

For example, if your engine is off and you push down the pedal, you know you have a problem if the clutch makes an unusual noise. You may hear a clunk or a scraping sound. Sometimes, the clutch will make odd noises when you use it while you're driving. Again, this can be a clunking, grinding or even a squealing noise.

These noises can have various causes. For example, you might have a problem with the release mechanism, general wear and tear, or you might have a dried-out clutch that doesn't have enough lubrication to work correctly.

Your Clutch Feels Different

Sometimes, you won't notice any unusual sounds coming from your clutch but it will feel different when you use it. For example, it won't push down the way it usually does. It may have a softer or a harder press. It may not feel as stable as it used to and you may worry that the pedal feels loose.

In some cases, a clutch will make unusual movements when you use it. For example, it may feel the same when you push or release it but it may vibrate or jump up and down during the process.

Changes to the way this pedal feels can be down to a few different problems. For example, the clutch's cabling may be out of whack. Or, if you have a hydraulic system, the master cylinder might be faulty.

If you can hear or feel changes in your clutch pedal, then you should have the problem looked at as soon as possible. You need your clutch to drive safely; leaving a minor problem for too long can also lead to more damage down the line. Book your car in for a clutch repair as soon as you can.