3 Odd Car Sounds That Warrant A Visit To The Mechanic

You probably use your car for literally everything — from grocery shopping and work travel to school runs and weekend road trips. You probably know what your car sounds like regularly, so any new sound can be an indicator that something is wrong. While newer cars tend to be reliable, sometimes strange car sounds can occur. And when this happens, you absolutely need to visit your mechanic. Look out for these odd sounds.

Braking The Car Results In A Screeching Sound

You use your brakes every single time you drive — and they are essential to ensure that everyone remains safe in the car. When you brake, you expect a smooth action with no noise. But if you notice a screeching sound every time you brake, then it could be because the brake pads may have worn out beyond their capacity or the rotors have completely deteriorated. You will need to replace the brake pads or the rotor to help you stop safely without damaging your car further. In some cases, it could also be because of damaged brake pistons or calipers. Waiting too long to get these problems fixed will result in complete brake failure.

Rattling Exhaust Noises Below Your Car

If your car runs louder than usual below, then it could be because of some type of damage to the exhaust system. There may be a hole somewhere or the pipe could be loose or corroded. In other instances, it could be a worn out muffler that cannot limit sound any more or a catalytic converter failure. A rattling exhaust system should never be ignored because it helps to reduce smoke emissions from your car. A mechanic will diagnose and fix the problem.

Humming Noise While Driving

Your tyres are in constant contact with the road, which means that they can potentially get worn out faster than any other part of your vehicle. If you notice a humming noise while you drive, then it could be because your tyres have worn out over a period of time. It could also mean that the wheel bearings are damaged because of rough roads and consistent vibrations. Wheel bearing issues or worn out tyres must be checked out and fixed as quickly as possible by a qualified mechanic to avoid the chance of you getting stranded in the middle of the road.

Don't wait until it's too late to get your car fixed. Odd sounds aren't supposed to just come up in your car. Get to a mechanic immediately for car service.