Should You Use Your Auto Insurer's Recommendation or Choose Your Own Auto Service Provider?

Whilst looking at your vehicle after a car crash, the thing foremost in your mind is probably having it repaired as quickly as possible. However, when you start to consider who will actually provide your auto servicing, it may seem overwhelming. Your auto insurer gives you a recommendation (or several) for auto servicing, but you're free to select your own provider. Whilst using the auto insurer's recommendation might seem the easiest option, is it really the best? Here's what you need to know.  

The Benefits of Using Their Recommendation

There are a couple of major benefits to using the auto insurer's recommended auto servicing provider. The first of these is time. Rather than having to expend energy and waste time choosing the right auto servicing provider, you'll already have a recommended one available. In the majority of cases, any auto servicing provider that auto insurers recommend has a long history of working with the insurers -- and providing quality work whilst they're at it. 

Another potential advantage of having the recommended auto servicing provider repair your vehicle after a car crash is that you might get faster service. The auto insurer may have an agreement with the repair provider in which the auto servicing provider prioritises repair of vehicles sent from the insurer. If you've ever had to wait days or even weeks for an auto repair provider to work you into their schedule, you'll know that this might be a significant advantage. 

The Benefits of Using an Auto Servicing Provider You Chose

One of the major benefits to using an auto servicing provider chosen by you is that you'll have the comfort of knowing you've got the ideal auto repair provider for your issues. After all, you get to choose them yourself. This means that you can read reviews, speak to others who have used the provider, and have an in-depth conversation with the auto servicing provider to determine whether they're right for your needs. 

Another potential advantage of choosing your own auto repair provider is that the cost could be lower. The auto repair providers recommended by your auto insurer may charge higher prices just because they can -- after all, they have a steady pipeline of new customers from the auto insurer. If you opt for an independent auto servicing provider, you might just find that they're more motivated to bring in new customers -- and this can translate into lowered costs for you!

If you're not sure whether to opt for your auto insurer's recommendation or to forge your own path, consider the benefits of each as described above. Before you know it, your car will look and run just like it did before the crash!