Looking for an Auto Mechanic Shop?

Choosing the right mechanic for your car is critical to ensuring the vehicle is maintained and repaired properly. Here is a look at top factors to consider when you're looking for a mechanic for your car.

Type of services offered

Some car service shops specialise in offering specific services while others can provide a full range of car services. For example, the mechanics at auto tyre and wheel service centres exclusively offer services such as wheel alignment, tyre rotation and wheel balancing, which are related to the tyres and wheels. Other auto mechanic shops may provide a complete range of services, ranging from tyre and wheel service to engine service and auto body work. It is always convenient to find a mechanic shop that can attend to all your car servicing needs. This way, you won't have to drive your car from shop to shop in order to get various issues addressed. 

Industry accreditation

Some sort of accreditation is imperative for every industry to ensure all industry-players provide quality products or services to their clients. Before deciding to have your car maintained or repaired at a particular auto mechanic shop, check if they're part of any reputable professional bodies or entities within Australia's auto industry. These entities normally set guidelines and standards that must be followed by their members to protect the rights of their clients. 

Customer service

Good customer service is vital to any service industry. Before you make a final decision on the mechanic shop that will maintain and repair your car, find out how the staff treat their clients. Take your car for minor service such as engine oil and oil filter change to meet the mechanics. If the mechanics are friendly and sociable, you'll definitely love to have them work on your car.


No matter how competent and friendly the mechanics at an auto service shop are, you wouldn't want to spend long hours on the road simply because you're taking your car to the auto service shop for repair or maintenance service. Aside from wasting time, you will also be wasting fuel. A convenient location should be a top-of-mind priority when you're deciding on a new auto service shop.

With the above factors top of mind, you should be able to find a suitable auto mechanic shop to handle your car maintenance and repair needs. Visit shops like Motson's if you have more questions.