Warning Signs That Point to Truck Transmission Problems

Trucking companies and their truck drivers must know and meet the needs of their fleet — otherwise, they run the risk of losing business while they perform costly repairs resulting from poor fleet maintenance. One of the most common causes of truck breakdowns is transmission problems. Fortunately, transmission problems seldom lead to sudden truck breakdowns.

When transmission problems arise, they tend to aggravate with time before eventually resulting in vehicle breakdown. As transmission problems exacerbate, truck drivers will often notice signs indicating that something is wrong with their vehicle.

If you are a fleet manager, you should instruct your truckers to report any signs of transmission trouble immediately so as to avoid the need for extensive repairs. Here is a look at some signs of impending transmission trouble that truckers must never disregard if they want to avoid being stranded on the road.

Transmission noises

Experienced truckers know how their truck should sound when it is working well. If they notice strange sounds coming from their transmission, they'll know that something is wrong with the component.

There is a raft of different noises that transmissions can produce. A grinding noise is often a sign of moving parts rubbing off against each other because of insufficient lubrication; whining may indicate low transmission fluid, which may be causing gears to move improperly when engaged; clunking noises when changing gears may indicate that bearings, springs and other components are loose.

Instruct your truck drivers to inform you about any unusual noises coming from the transmission.

Truck losing power

Another indication of transmission trouble is when a truck loses power. The transmission converts engine power into torque that makes the wheels rotate to move the vehicle. When a trucker attempts to accelerate the vehicle by shifting gears but don't seem to be driving faster, it is probable that their transmission is failing. They should inform the fleet manager of the issue.

Difficulty in shifting gears

When a truck's transmission is healthy, the driver should be able to change gears without any trouble. If your truckers start experiencing problems selecting the gear they want, it is likely that the transmission is faulty. As this problem causes the driver to lose some control over their vehicle, it should be attended to without delay.

Attending to transmission issues and truck repairs early will save you money and also help you maintain a good reputation in the eyes of your clients by ensuring that deliveries are made in good time.