4 Reasons You Should Choose Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

It's never fun to find that your car has sustained a bit of a bump, with even the smallest dent marring the entire appearance of your vehicle. However, you can make smash repairs a lot less stressful by opting for paintless dent removal (PDR) instead of traditional dent removal.

Instead of having to sand down the affected area, pound metal into place, and then apply a fresh coat of paint, PDR pushes and pulls the area until it is straight and smooth. As long as there is no scratch in the paint, it's a great option, and here are just four reasons why.

1. It Reduces Your Costs

It can be galling when a very small dent commands a very high repair cost, but traditional methods make such a bill unavoidable due to the extensive work that needs to go in to putting things right. In contrast, PDR is very cost-effective. In fact, you may find that the overall cost is less than your car insurance deductible, meaning you can pay the bill out of your pocket without having to contact your insurance company.

2. You'll Get Faster Repair Time

One of the reasons why traditional dent repair seems so expensive is that it takes quite a long time, and that's also annoying since it takes you off the road. Even if you can borrow a partner's car or rent a temporary vehicle through your insurance, there's no denying that it's a pain not to have your own set of wheels. PDR is very fast—the work doesn't take as long, and there's no need to wait for primers and paint to dry. You should find yourself waiting for hours rather than days, so it's likely you'll have your car back the very same day you bring it in.

3. It Adds Convenience

PDR is already a convenient option thanks to quick turnaround times. What's even better is that you may not even need to drive to a mechanic or body shop. PDR equipment can be moved around easily, so most companies offer mobile servicing that comes right to your door.

4. It's Better for the Environment

Last by not least, PDR is a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional dent repair services. During those traditional repair jobs, plenty of toxic chemicals and solvents are released, and more raw materials need to be consumed to get the work finished. Eco-friendliness might not be the driving force behind convincing you to go for PDR, but it's nice to know you're helping the planet as well as yourself.