How to Get the Best From Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Some people who own vehicles with 4-wheel drive transmissions may not know how to get the best performance from those vehicles. This article discusses some helpful tips that will enable you to preserve and get the best from that transmission system.

Stop Completely

One way to damage your vehicle's transmission system is to engage the 4-wheel drive function while the vehicle is still moving. The damage starts when the vehicle is trying to change the gear system while that gear system is still working to keep the vehicle moving. The best thing to do is to stop the vehicle completely before you press the key or move lever that activates that 4WD system. Take the same precaution when you want to disengage the system after navigating the difficult terrain that you encountered.

Go Slow

Another precaution that you should exercise when you are using the 4-wheel drive function on your vehicle is to drive at a slow or moderate speed. This is necessary for two key reasons. First, your vehicle is likely to suffer minimal body damage in case it gets out of control and hits something if you are driving at a slow speed. Secondly, the 4-wheel drive function mainly increases the torque so that the vehicle can force its way through challenging driving conditions, such as going through a muddy stretch on a rural road. Driving fast puts additional strain on the transmission system as it delivers this massive amount of torque.

Engage the Brakes Multiple Times

It is advisable to engage the brakes of your 4-wheel drive vehicle several times after you have driven through deep mud or snow. This precaution is necessary because moisture and mud can penetrate those brakes. Consequently, the brakes may lock in a partially engaged position. This can put an additional strain on the transmission system as you drive through that terrain. It is therefore important for you to reduce speed and use the brakes several times so that the mud and moisture can be expelled from the brake system. Do this when you are out of the difficult terrain. This will keep your vehicle performing at an optimum level.

Each vehicle manufacturer normally provides specific things that you should or should not do as you drive your vehicle. Check those recommendations and use the suggestions above as additional measures to help you to get the best from your vehicle. Take your vehicle to an experienced service technician for inspection in case you suspect that its transmission has developed a defect.